A timeline of the BCM325 film screenings…

A major contribution to the studies conducted in BCM325 ‘Future Cultures’ is the analysis of film, relating to the depiction of current and future digital cultures. Live tweeting is a technique used to connect and integrate opinions when reflecting on films. Live tweeting stipulates issues raised within cyberculture as well as strengthening an individual’s online presence/persona within the subject.

Tweeting provides imperative resources for future research (Norman, S 2016), offering an opportunity to reach beyond those in the room (Ekins, S Perlstein, EO 2014) and engage in discussion/feedback with previous tutorials and other followers.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 2.05.52 pm.png Link to my twitter: https://twitter.com/aprilverjo

Week one in BCM325 focused on Cyberculture, highlighting the role of computers and networks in all aspects of contemporary, cultural, and social life. This seminar focused on the 1995 anime classic ‘Ghost in the Shell’. The film presents a philosophical theme of self-identity in a technologically…

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