BCM 325: Live Tweet Curation. Part 2, Post 3


The following is a curation of live Tweets that I have accumulated over eight weeks of film screenings.

Week One: Ghost In The Shell (1995)

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 2.14.03 pm.png

This first Tweet is referring to the fact that I found it very strange that the main character “Motoko” in the 1995 film “Ghost In The Shell”,  was constantly naked. I questioned why this was the case and was then enlightened by fellow classmate, Emily. I came to an understanding that her nudity ties into the disassociation with her robotic body. Her body is merely a vessel for her technologically wired brain and  this presents the idea of dualism; the mind and body as different entities.

The second Tweet highlights the question:  what will remain as characteristically unique to humans if robotic lives can mimic us to such a great extent? As mentioned in the Tweet, the director Mamoru Oshii’s intention for the lack of blinking…

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