How to: Vlog


Youtube has a lot of content. A lot. It’s a site that welcomes all kinds of people with a multitude of different interests to create content for amateur media practice. Roughly one hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, featuring a wide variety of content (Fischer, 2014). From beauty vlogs, to travel vlogs, to ‘day in the life’ type videos, we are given a unique and interesting perspective on the position of amateurs in light of the contemporary changing media landscape, or as what Lev Manovich refers to as ‘Web 2.0’ (Manovich, 2009). As viewers of vlogs, we witness an intersection of aesthetics and entertainment, yet these vlogs are also tied to a ‘commodity culture’ (Fischer, 2014) recognised by the beauty/fashion industry.

Here’s David Dobrik’s most popular vlog, enjoy:

What makes a successful vlog?

Shylin Vladislav Albertovich states that lingual realisation of vlogging…

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