The Activity of Live Tweeting

Studio A

Live Tweeting made for a very interesting class experience, I’ve realised now that I do not possess the ability to multitask. When attempting to juggle live tweets, watching the film, responding to comments and engaging with others tweets I definitely struggled but I found that it was a very enjoyable class task. When discussing this subject with people from outside of the BCM cohort I was met with a range of emotions: confusion, envy, and general stress since that’s the University student default.

While my tweets are a bit of a mess I think I showed my own online persona well through humour, gifs, and still tried to grip onto the subject matter shown in the Sci-Fi films through weeks 1 to 8.

Week 1 Tweets: Ghost In The Shell 1995

Ghost in the Shell was the first week of live tweeting, and the first instance of Utopia Vs Dystopia…

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