What lengths can advanced prosthetics and bionics extend human capabilities in professional sports? 


Blog post 1 was an initial exploration of the first question I created: Revolutionary Prosthetics and the Cyborg, Is sci-Fi driving medical innovation? After researching different avenues of this topic I discovered that the relationship between both industries may intersect, however, the two industries in combination was too broad.  Looking at the question through a sports lens steps away from the film industry and into a space of moral and legal debate, the extension of human capabilities and elimination of disability.   Prosthesis and bionics go far beyond the day to day tasks and through many inspiring stories it’s changing the lives of athletes and enhancing their performance. Technology is often associated with a dystopian end and the end of humanity itself. But this technology is allowing people who have lost limbs to become mobile again and perform activities that may not have been able to without this aid.

What lengths can…

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