A Collection of Tweets – BCM325


Every Thursday morning for the past few weeks I have been spamming my twitter feed with random thoughts about random movies. This wasn’t my boredom getting the best of me, but Live Tweeting Sessions that I did during my BCM325 class. This was my first time ever live tweeting anything, so it was a very new experience for me. It was really interesting as I got to learn a lot about the media I was watching, but I also got to think about it on a deeper level than I normally would.

This blog post is to help me curate all my tweets from these sessions, as well as discuss my experience while completing this project.


Week 1: Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Image result for Ghost in the Shell (1995)

This classic anime movie has a great way to be introduced to this subject. The use of cybernetic technology and concept of identity really struck me and…

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