A Look Back At Live-Tweeting


In the past 8 weeks of Future Cultures, we watched 8 cyber and technological themed texts. Our task? To live-tweet these texts; post comments about (an event) on Twitter while the event is taking place. We used the class code as the hashtag for our tweets: #BCM325. The following is a week-by-week summary of highlights; tweets I made, tweets I liked, tweets I retweeted, conversations I saw and took place in. (My twitter handle is @briloulaw- feel free to give me a follow)

Week 1 Feb 28th 2018:

In week one we watched the anime classic, Ghost In The Shell (1995). This week I was introduced to the concept of live-tweeting movies- so obviously I struggled a bit. Most of week 1’s tweeting saw opinions and observations about the movie on the #BCM325 feed- but no real noticeable back and forth discussion.

  • I observed a similarity between one of…

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