BCM325 Live Tweets

Sunny Commandeur

Week 1 – Ghost in the Shell (1995)

ghost 1

In the first week I was quite visibly finding my feet. As my first time ever livetweeting something, I found it pretty difficult to keep up. Call me old fashioned, by I like to be fully immersed in the media I consume, presence bleed makes it hard to concentrate on both watching and tweeting. That and I was taught at a young age that it is rude to give half of your attention to someone talking, which kind of extended to other kinds of communication. The above tweet was my favourite simply because the quote best sums up what I gained from the film.

ghost 2.PNGAlso of interest, a trend throughout my tweets is spotting tropes, especially my favourite, the ‘enhance’.

ghost 3.PNG
Something I find interesting is how creators come up with visions of future technology, and the way they represent it in their media…

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