BCM325 – Research Update

jessica lauren

The CSI Effect (Schweitzer, N.J., Saks, M.J., 2007

The CSI effect occurs because of the manner movie and television dramas, such as CSI, present forensic science. These shows portray a glorified and heavily exaggerated way, and this causes the public to have false expectations of the criminal justice system. These shows display a criminal system full of made up technologies and procedures that do not exist in the real world, immensely shorten the timeframe of the case, and imply a near perfect closure rate. Unbeknownst to some viewers, these shows adapt the real world to suit the television world, the show must be interesting for it to be successful. Schweitzer and Saks describe an experiment conducted in an effort to test if this hypothesis is real, and if it is, to what extent has it affected the public and is it affecting real-life legal proceedings? In the study a…

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