BCM325 Twitter Contribution

Kaysha Larkin

For 7 weeks I took part in live-tweetingthroughout a movie during seminars. Doing this created an opportunity for the class to communicate online and share our thoughts using the hashtag #BCM325. This blog post will be a curation of my tweets and will discuss my experience with live-tweeting and what I gained through the process.

Week 1 – Ghost in a Shell

 During this first week of live-tweeting of the 1995 movie Ghost in a Shell, the concept was pretty new to me and I honestly wasn’t even sure what I was doing, so my tweets were pretty basic but I found a couple of good articles about the movie and a high Rotten Tomatoes rating that I shared.

I also found it difficult to follow the film while also having to tweet things ever so often and spent a lot of time trying to figure out what…

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