Blog Post 2 – BCM325


“A video Blog: a record of your thought, opinions or experiences that you film and publish on the Internet.” (Cambridge dictionary,)

Types of Vlogging – There are many types of Vlogs and ways of Vlogging the 10 most popular categories of Vlogging

  1. Review and Unboxing
  2. Pranks and Comedy
  3. Beauty & Fashion
  4. How to
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Gamer
  7. Movie/ Books/ TV reviews
  8. Travel
  9. Pop culture
  10. Discursive

(Seen on

Research into these Types – These popular techniques of Vlogging can be seen across a wide device group of creators whose ideas for Vlogging is to not only inform but also to entertain. Just as when you are in a class room and the teacher or tutors job is of course first and foremost to teach and explain but another big part of teaching is to get people interested in the subject, which is why you can see all Vlogs and informational services…

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