Blog Post Two: E-Waste


In my previous research proposal blog post, I focused on electronic waste, its affects and also its consistent presence in sci-fi/cyber punk films. Throughout the past few weeks watching multiple cyberpunk films in class and also researching for my project, I have gained a decent understanding of electronic waste in films and also in real life.

Globalisation and informational technologies are widely recognised as the main drivers of human civilisation, informational technologies control households, workplaces and educational institutions. These technologies keep the world up and running, constantly connected. Electronic software/hardware has affected and changed most parts of the social, technical, economic and natural environment (2015, IJARCSMS).

The constant development and growth of electronic and technological items consequently means the constant growth of electronic waste. The increasing ‘market penetration’ in the developing countries, ‘replacement market’ in the developed countries and ‘high obsolescence rate’ make e-waste one of the fastest…

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