Eight weeks of sh*tposting: #BCM325 Live Tweeting


Between tweeting about trash reality tv (Bachelor in Paradise you have my heart) and self-depreciating tweets about the mess that is my early twenties, I’ve been live-tweeting sci-fi movies that represent different ideas of the future and the technologies available for the subject BCM325: Future Cultures. This isn’t the first time I’d been ask to live-tweet movies before, Chris I’m looking at you and Digital Asia last semester.

So in saying this, live-tweeting isn’t a new concept for me, I’m a frequent user of the hashtag #BachelorinParadiseAU at 7:30pm on weeknights, but I had seen absolutely NONE of the films we were required to watch in class. I am not a morning person. By any means. So my tweets are not the most in-depth look into the movies unlike my pal Ibrahim (@ibzonation) who had seen most of the movies and has a keen interest in this genre. Expect…

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