Fleshing out the future of food

Some Spilt Ink

From the late 19th century till the present day, the mass slaughtering of animals for human consumption has become common practice (Norton, 2015). The process, now fully removed from public view, has left us with a limitless appetite for meat, and an environment which cannot sustain such a demand, let alone our own complete separation from the process of slaughter. With 56% of Australian land used purely for animal agriculture, leading to the complete destruction of native habitats, and the prediction of a fish-less ocean by the year 2048, scientists are now beginning to experiment with in-vitro or “cultured” meat as a viable alternative to animal flesh. My project aims to examine the already existing meat-alternatives of today and suggest that cultured meat may be the key to transitioning people to a vegan diet, and, in turn, reducing some of the strain placed on the environment and its creatures…

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