Live tweeting is stressful…

Week 1:


My live tweeting experience began with week’s one’s Ghost in the Shell (1995). I hadn’t seen this film before but knew of its existence in relation to film studies. I tweeted a quote, “Countless ingredients to make up the human body and mind” as I found it interesting in terms of humans being produced in a non-organic setting.  Although, this tweet didn’t receive much engagement I still thought it was a stimulating quote to share.

Week 3:

31369403_1696077747096433_4802580525707427840_nFor the screening of Johnny Mnemonic (1995), I chose to add humour into my tweeting. This reflected how I saw the movie. As a collective, students didn’t take the film too seriously. I created a meme based on Ice-T’s character. I used intertextuality to engage with a variety of audiences. Ice-T most prominent role is Detective Tutuola in Law and Order: SVU. This tweet received eleven likes and…

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