Live Tweeting Reflections: BCM325

Contributing to the skill set the subject BCM325 ‘Future Cultures’ gives us students is the skill of teaching proficient live tweeting. Live tweeting develops the ability to analyse media, develop thought out, concise opinions which can then become discussion point’s for those reading upon the #BCM325 hash tag. Teaching students how to curate an online presence we watched and analysed films with the underlying theme of Cyber culture. Previously to viewing the film we would be briefly informed on the week’s topic so we knew what core aspects to look out for.

Week 1: Ghost in the Shell

Starting my introduction to live tweeting I looked to get a head start and add some facts into the stream of tweets before the film begun, stating that the film had western sourcing was important as it later led me to tweet:

While not facilitating to the under lying theme of cyber culture it gave a good insight into history of the film. Two cultures collaborating to make a sci-fi staple.

Week 2: Westworld

Week two begun with ‘Westworld’, an adult amusement park populated by robots providing customers a way to live out their fantasies.

Putting into perspective how the film can be put into present day terms.

As a cohort we begin to develop an idea of the concept’s of Sci-Fi films. This is important to know so I retweeted it so it would have a bigger reach amongst peers.

Week 3: Johnny Mnemonic

In week 3 we watched Johnny Mnemonic, a Keanu Reeves film set in the year 2020. The protagonist’s roll was to carry data in his head and transfer it from one source to another.

This tweet exhibits my ongoing familiarity in sci-fi film and the potential dangers technology can pose on us. Unfortunately no valid discussion was raised this week, although I personally thought the film was quite trivial.

Week 4: The Matrix

The Iconic film ‘The Matrix’ was used to focus on themes of Cyber culture. Cyber Culture shows us a reality the has been altered heavily through the use and technology therefore creating a virtual reality.

Living in a reality where technology has diluted it so much it becomes of virtual nature is almost similar to a point we were previously discussing in class where AI’s were trying to create protein’s to beat cancer on their own. Here I make the point that technological evolution in present day is far beyond expectations, and that this in the technological advanced future we create for ourselves. No flying hover boards but artificial intelligence working on it’s own to lead us to beating one of the biggest natural killers.

Week 5: Black Mirror

Although I did not contribute to live tweets of week 5 during class I did however still view the week’s content. Black Mirror’s ‘Be Right Back’ episode stories the event’s of a young woman who’s  partner is unfortunately killed in a car crash. In this episode technology in the form of AI’s is used to to help assist with grief by allowing the young woman to continue to communicate with her deceased partner as if the AI was imitating him.

This week’s episode was particularly enjoyable as it is applicable to a very real reality which we are living in. Shows us how technology is able to become an extension of ourselves even after we are long gone. A tweet which I liked by KrisChristou highlights just that.

Week 6: Robot & Frank

Robot & Frank is a 2012 Sci-fi Comedy Drama which show’s us how technology can be used to aid us in living and through that we, as humans can develop relationships with these AI’s.

Firstly I highlight how the Robot ‘Frank’ can help those in aged. Applying to a situation that was relevant to my reality. care: 

Secondly I raise two points which detail what would happen seeing as the Robot’s main objectives come from a subjective point of view;

Keeping the owner ‘happy’ leads Frank to doing illegal tasks which could lead to a dystopian society if most owners were committing crimes to be constantly ‘happy’.

Week 7: Black Mirror

Although viewing this episode of Black Mirror ‘Hated in the Nation’ in class I found it increasingly hard to raise valid discussion points throughout the screening, leaving my live tweeting performance weak for the week. Perhaps more general viewpoints would have been better.

Week 8: Blade Runner

Finishing up the live tweeting for BCM325 Blade Runner was that week’s viewing material. My peer Cat raises a point which is a prominent issue in plenty of Sci-Fi films and even quite a few of the viewing material for BCM325. That issue is the portrayal of women in Sci-Fi films, especially Blade Runner.

I thought this was an important tweet as she linked relevant material which then lead me to do more research upon the subject. Something I wouldn’t have done previously.

Overall I enjoyed the live tweeting and it was an interesting skill to discuss, learn and practice. Although I personally wish I raised more discussion points during films which were used. Although I did feel like my live tweeting skills got improved on as I watched each film trying to grasp and analyse the underlying themes within.

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