My contribution to the Twittersphere

Andrew Hodsden BCM

Before studying Future Cultures (BCM 325), at UOW, I’d had little to no interaction with twitter. As a format I found it kind of pointless, particularly since it was limited to 140 characters. I did have a twitter account, but I’d only made 4 tweets and liked 1. During the 8 weeks of live tweeting I’ve made 157 tweets and liked 216. I can’t say this whole experience has changed my view of twitter to the point where I’ll continue using it in the future, but I can see more value in it than before.

Initially I found live tweeting really difficult: during Ghost in the Shell (1995), I made 11 tweets not one of which was an interaction with other classmates, by the end of Blade Runner (1982) I’d made 24, many of which were comments and discussion with other people. Live tweeting certainly got easier, I even made…

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