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For this semester at uni, every Thursday we’ve been live tweeting our experiences with certain movies in relation to our BCM325 (Future Cultures) subject. In each seminar, we’d watch a Sci-fi movie and discuss the themes and ideas of the future in the eyes of directors. This included movies from the 70’s to now, providing various outlooks and interestingly some similar themes across the decades. Remembering back to when our class would tweet, I would always see an error in someones post. Now reading mine over, makes me feel a little dumb. *Weeks 5 and 7 aren’t there because I was away for those seminars.

Week 1 – Ghost in the Shell 


I had never seen the original animated Ghost in the Shell. I enjoyed this more than the remake. This movie was a brilliant reflection, like a lot of the movies we’ve seen this semester, on what…

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