Reason #176 of why I’m bad at multitasking: A Live Tweeting Experience

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So… Live tweeting is a thing that I’m terrible at. How can people pay attention to a new movie while live tweeting the whole thing?!!


Anyway. Here we are.

Luckily for me, I have experienced live-tweeting in classes previously, however they were often with movies or shows I have watched and found it much easier to tweet throughout. This class was much different because I have not really experienced films or shows within this realm. A large positive to the live-tweeting is the accessible hashtag #BCM325. This provided an easy means of following discussions and comments in a live feed.

This blog will be a reflection of my attempted live-tweeting and will often display examples of tweets from other students who I believed to have presented interesting ideas and theories. I plan to dissect each tweet and gather my understandings from each weekly viewing. Ill investigate which tweets had traction…

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