Twitter: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Throughout this semester, students studying Future Cultures have been live-tweeting and engaging with each other during the screening of media which either depicted or depicts the future. Below you will be able to follow my own week by week summary of how I engaged with the media and my cohort of students. I will briefly describe the in-class discussion before reflecting through the means of “the good, the bad and, the ugly”. I chose not to use Storify as I wasn’t sure I’d be proactive enough to export my data from the site before May 16.

Week One – Ghost In The Shell 1995

During week one of the session we were introduced to the key themes of the subject; cybernetics, cyberpunk and cyberculture. We looked into the way in which Vannevar Bush (1945) ‘As We May Think’ was able to predict or either shape the nature of modern computing through…

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