[Update] BCM325 Digital Artefact: Virtual Reality & Storytelling

The Specs

A few weeks ago, I announced my choice of topic for my BCM325 Digital Artefact, which is Virtual Reality (VR) and related ethical issues. However, further research has proven that VR-in-general is too large a topic; combined with my passion for writing and storytelling, this means I have narrowed the scope down, focusing on the application of VR in storytelling to create compelling narratives.

bcm325 VR (1) (Illustration by me)

In my upcoming presentation, I will share with the class some key points which I will further explain these below, with resources from my secondary research thus far.

VR is one of the keys to immersive storytelling, yet there are currently some obstacles.

Created in 2016 and even nominated for an Academy Award (Chalk 2017), Pearl is not only a theatrical short film but a fully immersive 360° video and an interactive VR experience. Following the dream-chasing journey of…

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