Virtual Reality Review

Sunny Commandeur

I am conducting exploratory research into virtual realty (VR). This includes existing technologies and development trends, as well as how the ways VR can be used. My exploration into the literature surrounding VR left me pleasantly surprised at the depth of research surrounding what I assumed was a much smaller niche.

Just scraping the surface, my research all falls under three areas:

  • General questions about VR –  What is VR? and why is it not widely used today?
  • Creating immersion
  • Uses for VR

See my previous exploration into VR here

Virtual Reality in General

What is Virtual Reality?

When someone says ‘virtual reality’, what do they actually mean?
Jonathan Steuer (1992) argued that the definition most of us think of – ‘goggles and gloves’ is inappropriate, as it focuses on the technology and hardware making up the experience. This creates three inadequacies:

  1. A system is judged as VR or not…

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