LAW v IOT – Blog Post 2 – Arguments and Literature Review

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This project seeks to address how a developing technology interacts with the real world, in exploring this I have chosen to examine how the Internet of Things interacts with the legal system.

The IoT and the legal system demonstrate fundamentally different approaches to development. With an attribute of the IoT being that of rapid development, demonstrating a speed of proliferation indicative of the lightning fast feedback loop that has come to define the technology age. This is juxtaposed by the oft criticised, glacial speed of legal development and change.

Accordingly, an argument that this project seeks to raise is that the uneven, juxtaposing development speeds between the IoT and the legal system results in the creation of gaps of legality, in which aspects areas of the IoT exist in temporary states of non-regulation.

Drones and drone regulation typifies how the law can be slow to…

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