Digital Artefact Status: Work In Progress

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It has now been multiple weeks since I started work on my Digital Artefact about the process of building a PC and some of the issues involved with cryptocurrency and the effects of e-waste and honestly progress has been, limited. Since beginning the project I have realised that the final submission (if in video format) should only have a length of around 7:30, absolutely cutting my dreams for three different videos all of which would run for between 5-10 minutes. I recently found out though that I could change the structure of the assignment and add the parts about selecting components for the PC and then actually building the PC as extra videos that are unmarked so I plan to do them in that format while having the talk about issues be submitted as the actual assessed material. The reason I have still decided to continue with the videoing of…

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Live-Tweeting, An Eight Week Saga

Meg Louise

For the last several weeks, I have immersed myself into the art of live tweeting. Throughout my university degree, I have never once been asked to do this. It was refreshing to have a subject with no pre-conceived knowledge of what the tasks would involve. To live tweet, we watched an array of science fiction films applying the theories and concepts discussed in lectures. Through that foundation we extended those ideas by collaborating with other members of the class, discussing thoughts and opinions whilst also proposing questions for others to answer. It was a way to engage the audience with the content and introduce a new and exciting way in achieving class collaboration and discussion. Therefore, this blog post will be a curation of tweets, both my own and others, in a week by week layout to demonstrate my overall experience of the live tweeting process.

Week One: – Mamoru…

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Redefining the idea of the MANBOT

Meg Louise

“Pamela Anderson has more prosthetic in her body than I do. Nobody calls her disabled”. Aimee Mullins (2009, TED TALKS, YOUTUBE)

In relation to my first blog post, I focused on the fears and apprehensions society faces in relation to the MANBOT. I discussed my personal woes around this half-human, half-robot reality. More importantly, I realized there is a major stigma in society against technological prosthesis. The assumption many people conclude, is that machine and man cannot intertwine without the loss of humanity. The perception comes from ingrained fears of the other, something so different it is deemed to be threatening. This is exacerbated by different media representations in films, movies, books and comics. As a result there is a current societal skepticism towards technological advancement. In reality, technology is constantly changing and further enhancing human capabilities: with individuals becoming dependent on technological support to regain function…

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Live Tweeting Future Cultures (BCM325)

For the past eight weeks, I have been live tweeting along with my Future Cultures class at UOW enjoying content which related to everything technology, cyberspace and robot. The interactions and conversations that were sparked from these tweets and viewings unpacked discussion on various topics under the hashtag #bcm325.

I seemed to have been writing tweets to engage with contentious topics, however they gain no reaction from my peers. Taking a satirical approach while retaining some intellectual stimulation in my tweets prompted a larger reaction.

The following is a curated summary of my experience within this class with emphasis on the future cultures concepts and ideologies that I have learned throughout this semester so far.

Screenings: ‘Ghost in the Shell’ (1995), Westworld (1973), Johnny Mnemonic (1995), The Matrix (1999), Black Mirror: S2 E1 ‘Be Right Back’ (2013), Robot and Frank (2012), Black Mirror: S3 E6 ‘Hated in the Nation’ (2016) and Blade Runner (1983).

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It’s only Fair (Use and Dealing) .2

Harrison Thomas

Basically, Fair use laws and regulations protect creators that wish to transform a piece of work, as long as it has major differences from the original work. It also protects a persons work from being stolen and used by someone else for monetary gains.” – Harrison Thomas

There a quick refresher on what fair use is. The only issue is that the Australian version of “Fair Use” is called “Fair Dealing” and it’s slightly different to the American version. Fair use is an American Legal Doctrine, which is based of case law. Fair Dealing has statutory provisions in national legislation.

“Fair dealing is a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work. Fair dealing is found in many of the common law jurisdictions of the Commonwealth of Nations.” – Wikipedia

I have various examples that I used in the…

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And we are Live Tweeting!

Tamara Kelly

Twitter Link:


So live-tweeting where do I begin…

When I first learnt we were going to be live tweeting I was low-key dreading it. When I watch certain television shows I do see people live tweeting using the shows particular hash tag, all following along and tweeting away. I however, never use Twitter and I’m not much of an ‘opinion based’ social media poster unless if it’s just for a bit of banter, so it was a bit of a strange concept to me.

Going way back to week 1 watching ‘Ghost in the Shell’ 1995 film, I was trying to find interesting facts about the movie as well as commenting on the film itself and what was happening as I was watching. I knew I had to get at least 10 tweets. Looking at those first weeks tweets, there wasn’t much interaction with the rest of the class…

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BCM325: Live tweet curation & reflection


Each week I averaged around seven tweets. These included a mix of informative, contemplative, reflective and humorous reactive tweets. At the bottom of this post is the link to my storify curation of all of my tweets from week 1 to 8. For the sake of being concise I will include screenshots of tweets with the most traction and tweets that display my knowledge of and my attempts to understand the films.

WEEK 1:Ghost in the Shell (1995)

 The first thing I really noticed was the strange combination of futuristic visuals with the, natural, almost tribal sounding, music:
This seemed unusual yet fitting. The sound of people chanting and the percussion instruments in the background, may be viewed as alluding to a much earlier time in human…

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BCM325 Twitter Contribution

Kaysha Larkin

For 7 weeks I took part in live-tweetingthroughout a movie during seminars. Doing this created an opportunity for the class to communicate online and share our thoughts using the hashtag #BCM325. This blog post will be a curation of my tweets and will discuss my experience with live-tweeting and what I gained through the process.

Week 1 – Ghost in a Shell

 During this first week of live-tweeting of the 1995 movie Ghost in a Shell, the concept was pretty new to me and I honestly wasn’t even sure what I was doing, so my tweets were pretty basic but I found a couple of good articles about the movie and a high Rotten Tomatoes rating that I shared.

I also found it difficult to follow the film while also having to tweet things ever so often and spent a lot of time trying to figure out what…

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