The Eight-Week Learning Curve that was Twitter


Prior to BCM325, I didn’t have a Twitter account, so the idea of live-tweeting was entirely new to me. The first week in particular I struggled, having to create a twitter account on a phone while watching a movie on a projector, while researching the movie on a laptop trying to understand what was happening because I’d missed the beginning because of all of the above, while attempting to develop relatively informed opinions about a genre with which I’m fairly unfamiliar with, while at the same time trying to figure out which button on Twitter does what, it was all a bit overwhelming. I eventually got the hang of Twitter as we went along each week, and discovered I could draft tweets which helped with not having to miss key scenes and losing touch with what was happening in the plot. I figured out the images and the GIFs and…

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BCM325 Live Tweets

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Week 1 – Ghost in the Shell (1995) In the first week I was quite visibly finding my feet. As my first time ever livetweeting something, I found it pretty difficult to keep up. Call me old fashioned, by I like to be fully immersed in the media I consume, presence…

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BCM 325 Live Tweeting

Before taking this subject I had never really live tweeted or live anything’d so it was a chance to try something new and a new way of thinking and enjoying media. Not being a BCM student made it difficult sometimes, and I was always focused on writing about stuff that interested me while watching rather…

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In my first blog post I talked about Virtual Reality and how it can be used to create unique experiences. Following feedback from this I have moved towards creating resources on getting into developing VR for the web in general, but specifically WebVR and the particular development platform of A-Frame. Virtual Reality on the web…

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