BCM325 – Digital Artefact and Contextual Essay

Eliza Appel

My digital artefact: “The Future of Space Travel and Potential Lunar Bases”

Contextual Essay

The creation of my Digital Artefact began from an opportunity to study a subject of interest and to explore it at new lengths. Space, the solar system, stars and the greater galaxy and universe has always excited and inspired me. Growing up I had a fascination with star gazing and the stories behind the constellations. I also grew up watching a lot of science fiction as well as reading a number of novels of similar theme. In recent years I’ve also dabbled in astrophotography. As such, when given the opportunity of an avenue of study of my choice regarding humanity, technology and its future, my thoughts instantly turned towards this subject.

Upon initial investigation, the sheer amount of information and resources was overwhelming. Elon Musk’s company SpaceX had recently been featured in the media with the

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