Contextual essay

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For my digital artifact I wanted to explore the concept of painting drones, if it is the new art form of the future. This all started by finding an article online about drones, it made me thought about how we use drones. I feel like drones are an under used…

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Concepts of Cybernetics

Originally posted on Zoe Majstorovic:
The term of cybernetics began its rise to popularity in 1947 when Norbert Wiener used it to name a discipline apart from touching, but to establish disciplines as electrical engineering, mathematics, biology, neurophysiology and psychology. Wiener needed a name for their new discipline, and he adapted a Greek word meaning…

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Digital Artifact @foodsfordayss

Gathered from my interest in food blogging, I have established a gap in the market for an active Sutherland Shire based foodie Instagram account. To fill this gap, I have shaped the Instagram account ‘@foodsfordayss’ promoting a variety of mod cafes and restaurants in the Sutherland Shire, as well as endorsing products and personal recipes. The project has underpinned the value of persona through the communication and maintenance of relationships created on media platforms, like Instagram. Progression with my project showed to continually question what it takes to become a successful Instagram influencer, prompting my interest to discover the practical ways to increase an Instagram following, and successful strategies to engage with users. Proceeding with the topic of ‘How to become a successful Instagrammer’ has driven research on the areas ‘Influencer Marketing’, ‘Online Persona’, ‘Content Creators vs Curators’, and ‘Presentation Self’. Conducting research on these topics has directed…

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Contextual Essay @foodsfordayss

Social media is referred to as a newly revised communication platform, universally used as a convenient form of global interaction. Instagram is recognised as a successful social media platform holding millions of registered users, making it an ideal way for companies to market products, and content creators/regular individuals to express themselves.  Moore, Barbour, & Lee…

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