BCM325 – Digital Artifact Context

jessica lauren

I’m a Digital Media student, so I was interested in looking at movies and televisions shows, and in particular, the power they have to alter our perception of the reality, and also the influence they have on the future.

My main texts of research for this project were a journal article written by N.J. Schweitzer and Michael J. Sacks about ‘The CSI Effect’ and a movie directed by George Nolfi called ‘The Adjustment Bureau’. The CSI effect is essentially the phenomena where people believe what is being portrayed on television and movies as being the truth. For example, crime procedurals like CSI show a lot of technology and processes that are not real and false, yet people take it as the truth. Disregarding the main love story, The Adjustment Bureau showcases a form of teleportation technology where doors become portholes to other places. I used a fusion of both…

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