Cyber Identities Digital Artefact

Thoughts, spilled onto a blog.

Cyber Self is defined as “an alternate self on the Internet or in cyberspace; an online alter-ego.

MMORPG’s are important examples of experiential communities in which individuals from different parts of the world create characters, perform roles, develop virtual possessions, and interact through virtual worlds.

Individuals can create and alter the image they want the online world to see. That is because these virtual environments change identity boundaries and represent new opportunities for identity development and group affiliation.

The Avatars used in online gaming (MMORPG’s) can become more than just something you use to play online, they give the player an opportunity to develop this avatar and create a social community and have positive or negative impacts on the people who use them.

In my Podcast, ‘ProteusCast’ I talk to three people about three different areas of gaming.

ProteusCast Episode One: The Community

ProteusCast Episode Two: The Avatars

ProteusCast Episode Three: The Outside

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