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Bioethics is the debate of the ethical issues surrounding modern biotechnologies, In an era where the rate of technological advancement is increasing more dramatically than ever, the introduction and application of new technologies – more often than not – comes hand in hand with the question just because we can do something,…

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To Track, Or Not To Track

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For my digital artefact, I created a YouTube Channel with useful information and discussions on the ethical implications on tracking humans. This channel has four videos currently but can be expanded by getting more families to discuss their own opinions on the issue. To go to the channel, click here! Contextual…

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Cyber Identities Digital Artefact

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? Cyber Self is defined as “an alternate self on the Internet or in cyberspace; an online alter-ego. MMORPG’s are important examples of experiential communities in which individuals from different parts of the world create characters, perform roles, develop virtual possessions, and interact through virtual worlds. Individuals can create and alter the image they want the…

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The Future of Food – Digital Artefact

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Below is my podcast on the Future of Food, which focuses on lab grown meat & technology aiding in farm, including machines like Bonirob. Previous Posts: The Future of Food? The Future of Food – Research Post This Podcast features the song “2 Above Zero” from, available…

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