DA: Devin Winnie

For my digital artifact, I will be using my nature Instagram to look at the effects that global warming has on the environment. With an increase of over 1 centigrade in both the oceans and atmosphere entire biospheres have been devastated. Coral reefs are being killed off from heat exhaustion and polar bears only natural […]

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BCM325 Pitch Connor Lennon

The idea of creating a Digital artefact that would impact the future in 5, 10, 25 or 50 years is incredibly broad and difficult to pinpoint however utilising my knowledge of the surfing culture along with an invested interest in the sport this project is fitting for me personally. The project will utilise the podcast […]

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BCM325 Project pitch

Hey guys! my name is Koranith Rusakul or you can call me Copter. My digital artifact is going to be on the YouTube platform as I’m doing a video about how cars have been changed during time. The background research on my project is base on my interested in cars. I have seen them changing […]

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BCM325 Digital Artefact Pitch – UOW Digital Media Society

The Source Portfolio

The digital artefact that I will be completing for BCM325 is a project ongoing from last semester, The UOW Digital Media Society (DMS). I will be completing this project with fellow BCM325 students Callum Harvey and Kelsea Latham. The remaining executive team Meggen Pigram, Sunny Commandeur and Verity Morley will also be working alongside us.

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