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In short my D.A is a music project titled, ‘Growth.’ The intetion of the D.A is to consider the future of the planet and humanity. I attempt to represent what I would like to see in the future informed by the now (my current state of being). I want to see the growth of a better world, full of peace, love and compassion. The aim of the EP is to inspire the youth to band together to bring about change and making them realise that if they look within themselves, they have all the power they could ask for!

Here is a link to my D.A, namely my ‘Growth’ EP. I would like the feedback to be on soundcloud, but you are welcome to comment feedback on the blog post!




11 thoughts on “D.A Pitch – ‘Growth’”

  1. Yo the music is straight flames!
    very interesting how you are using music as a medium to communicate your message and inspire others. I suggest you do some studies on the way music has changed or affects the future. Will you be releasing singles or an album/EP as the only ways to communicate your message? will you be also blogging about your music and talking in-depth about it?

    really interested to see how this goes


    1. Hi Eric, Thank you! Studying how music changes or affects the future is part of my research. As of now the songs are the only mode of communication, however having a blog to talk about the songs in depth is an interesting idea that is worth considering.


      1. researching “how music changes or affects the future” is a great platform to work off. As their are artist out there that are making an impact on the future such as trends. I recommend you explore the youtube channel “Volkgiest” he goes indepth on hiphop artist and how they affect trends and their impact. I recommend the video “Are XXXTentacion & Lil Peep’s Labels Ruining Their Legacies?”, goes over the future issues on how music labels are making money off dead artist.

        Also a crucial statement i want to make is that the whole purpose of the Digital Artefact is to make it for a public audience not for the sake of doing an assignment. You never know you, strangers might find your stuff and start following you! so i suggest you leave the word DA or BCM325 altogether or you can explain it!

        link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDwXLvMok2s&t=97s


  2. Hi Ijumaa,

    For starters, good pitch! For ease of reading, I will separate my following feedback into 3 sections; these being ‘Pitch Feedback’, ‘DA Feedback’ and finally ‘DA Suggestions’. It’s important to note that this feedback is based on what I have seen from your pitch and contextual component.


    Your pitch overall is a great example of your ability as a speaker. You enthusiastically communicate your ideas and are clearly passionate about both the medium and topic you are exploring.

    However, on the topic of your pitch, as your audience is ideally not limited to just the BCM 325 cohort, make sure you explain and provide context to your video. What is BCM 325? What is the Digital Artefact? These are important points to share with your viewers and will help to illustrate your DA’s utility.

    In addition, try to add more information about your prospective DA in your contextual essay. 2 minutes is very short, and the written component is a great way to ensure that all the details of your DA are able to be conveyed to your reader. For this reason, don’t just repeat the main points of the video.


    I’ve checked out your EP, ‘Growth’, and am amazed by what you have been able to create! Everything from the instrumentals and lyrics to the album cover art is striking in its professionalism. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished! Your prototype is obviously fully operational, engaging with the medium of music to encourage more ‘peacefulness, love and compassion’ to in turn ‘influence the cycle of negative energy we are currently digesting’. I especially like the fact that you have recorded each song in 432 Hertz and incorporated low fi instrumentals because they vibrate in your heart space. The background research you have conducted thus far is evident in your pitch when you discuss key sources that have inspired your work.

    While I think a DA in the form of a series of songs is a fantastic and unique concept, the idea raises a number of questions in my mind regarding the viability and longevity of your proposed project.

    I feel it is important to contemplate how you are going to respond to audience feedback, close feedback loops and iterate your DA considering the fact If you’ve already released your EP, ‘Growth’. There are 2 ways you can combat this that I can think of: you could either re-release new versions of the songs included in ‘Growth’ after they have undergone further development and iteration, or you could use feedback from ‘Growth’ to direct your efforts with future musical releases, presumably in the next couple of weeks to be included in your DA.

    Furthermore, how to do you plan to use ‘XXXTentacion’s [Instagram livestreams and messages/speeches during performances] as a case study’? Perhaps you could sample some of his work in that of your own in future songs? These are simply questions of rhetoric, but they indicate avenues that you may want to explore nonetheless.


    I feel that the biggest pitfall you may encounter when examining the medium of music through your proposed lens is ensuring that your DA relates to the future. Sure, the intention of your EP is to ‘consider the future of the planet’, but you must endeavour to ensure that your audience is aware of this principle focus.

    In light of this, I have spent a considerable amount of time contemplating how I could provide you with the best feedback possible. I have never written a song in my life (and it’s probably for the best!) so on that front, I have no feedback worthy of hearing. I have, however, had an idea about a new direction you could take your DA that was triggered when you said that you want to ‘examine performance as a medium to create things like memories and powerful moments and emotions that live on through time’ in your pitch. Of course, the following is just a suggestion, so take it as you will:

    There is a book by Ernest Becker called ‘The Denial of Death’ (I’ve checked, it’s in the UOW Library); and in it, Becker essentially proposes that humans are unique in that we can think about ourselves abstractly. This means that we’re able to imagine situations without ourselves in them, and therefore we eventually realise the inevitability of our own demise. Becker calls this “death terror”, existential fear that is the basis for all of our motivations. In addition, Becker also posits that human beings have two ‘selves’, a physical self, and a conceptual self, of which the latter is how we perceive ourselves; our identity. Becker goes on to put forward the notion that, motivated by ‘death terror’, human beings (who have realised that their physical self will die) try to build a conceptual self that will live on after their death because they are scared of ceasing to exist. Becker calls these self-preservation efforts “immortality projects”, and argues that all of human civilisation is a result of this. Buildings, art, technology, sport and of course, music.

    What I am suggesting is you could examine such ‘immortality projects’ in music as your DA. The idea that, through music, people are able to transcend death and live on. You could look at XXXTentacion, Queen and a huge number of other artists, alive or dead, and analyse their legacy and the impact they have had/are having on the music industry.

    Again, just a suggestion.

    I did some research of my own into your proposed topic to provide you with better feedback and I came across three sites that I felt may be particularly useful for you moving forward. You can find them here:


    I wish you every success with your DA and look forward to seeing it progress over the upcoming weeks.

    All the best,

    Josh 🙂

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    1. Much appreciated. You questioned how I was utilising the live streams, in certain songs such as ‘FALL!’ and ‘Inner Peace’ have samples from one of his live streams.

      I will endeavour to make clearer that my D.A considers the future and what a D.A’s purpose is etc. As for iteration, I can make bonus tracks. I will check out that book you mentioned too. Thank you for all your suggestions 🙂

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  3. He Ijumma,

    I think its really interesting your DA connects to music, the fact that you created a whole album and have released it is beyond what I could do. I like how you mentioned the low hertz were used to gain an elicit response from your audience, I think thats a smart way in overall connecting with them as you have the idea of what emotion they should feel

    I am just curious to now how the audience will be able to give engagement through your album and how you will engage back? Will this be through comments on your soundcloud? I think because you already have the album, you will have to work a way to promote it and deliver your message further beyond the finished product.

    Lastly, with your research, I think putting that in a couple of blog posts or on different mediums could be used in conjoined to further promote your album, I suggest since your looking at xxxtentacion, look at his reddit, as they discuss his live streams a fair bit. Overall, I think expanding beyond just the album and into posts will help longevity as well as promotion.


  4. Hello Ijumaa,

    Firstly I would like to say thank you for producing music for the intention to make a better world in the future.
    I think your EP Growth is very interesting and can see a clear motivation as a means to produce music. I am considering how you are going to communicate this with your audience other than Spotify and Youtube? Possibly promoting your song on another platform that encourages feedback such as Reddit, Facebook or Instagram

    Also I am wondering what are you going to do when you receive that feedback? Will you be following up and modifying the EP or will you release a follow up track? Considering the time restraints you may encounter and it is a lot to ask for a follow up song, maybe releasing lyrics to a blog and engaging with feedback there could be an option.
    Interestingly, you comment on how performances can become historical and run the test of time. It reminds me of the Queen Live Aid 1985 performance. I do believe that certain performances can become monumental through time, possibly you could do something similar? Perhaps a live stream?

    Also is there going to be anymore further research that you are going to engage with?

    Have a beautiful day!


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