D.A Pitch: The future of Online Media


My Digital artefact is titled ‘The future of Online Media’. The intention is to record how different trends, creators, and look at the overall space of online media. I will focus solely on Youtube for the moment, and spread to other platforms. The aim inform people on the current state of online media and how different people or companies grow on these sites. The impact it will leave will help people of the future understand the trends of why certain events on these platforms happened. I intend to do short videos online, and create them using final cut pro.





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2 thoughts on “D.A Pitch: The future of Online Media”

  1. Hi Jessica,

    First things first, good pitch! For the sake of simplicity, I will separate my following feedback into 3 sections; these being ‘Pitch Feedback’, ‘DA Feedback’ and finally ‘DA Suggestions’. Please keep in mind this feedback is based on what I have seen from your pitch and contextual component.


    Overall, your video pitch is good, and exactly within the time constraint(s). Although the pitch is not marked on its aesthetics, (and I’d imagine it won’t be anytime soon) one of the biggest pieces of advice I’d be able to immediately give you is to put your camera down whilst recording so the viewer doesn’t experience shaky footage! You don’t need a fancy tripod or recording equipment, simply putting your phone down on a stable surface such as a chair or table will suffice, and will make future videos you create much easier to follow.

    Moreover, on the topic of your pitch, as your audience is ideally not limited to just the BCM 325 cohort, make sure you explain and provide context to your video. What is BCM 325? What is the Digital Artefact? These are important points to share with your viewers and will help to illustrate your DA’s utility.

    In addition, try to add more information about your prospective DA in your contextual essay. 2 minutes is very short, and the written component is a great way to ensure that all the details of your DA are able to be conveyed to your reader. For this reason, don’t just repeat the main points of the video.


    Throughout your pitch, there was evidence of background research, which is a particularly good sign. Furthermore, the fact that you outlined your operational prototype (videos of approximately 5 minutes in length and employing visuals to convey information) and method of content-creation (using Final Cut Pro and uploading to YouTube) indicates that your DA is based in reality and is something that is ultimately achievable. However, despite this realism, I don’t think that the creation of ‘non-biased videos’ and ‘share[ing] information that’s neutral’ is achievable. Unless you are purely presenting facts and statistical data in your videos, there is no way that your commentary on ‘the future of YouTube and its content available on the site’ will remain unbiased. Which is okay. People have different opinions and perspectives, which is what makes us unique. Don’t label your content as being ‘unbiased’ when it isn’t, or you will run the risk of click-baiting your audience. Just some food for thought.

    The possibility of analysing other sites and online platforms if necessary is hugely advantageous to your overall DA. The option to serialise videos and jump from platform to platform will allow you to keep your content fresh and ensure the longevity of your DA, as there are (and inevitably always will be) no shortage of online media sites to explore.


    The biggest thing I feel you should be wary of moving forward is the fact that your DA, above all else, needs to engage with the future. I’d imagine that in a video essay focused on critiquing content and tracking trends, it would be rather easy to find yourself in a ‘present day’ rut where you forget to relate your analysis to the future. With this in mind, instead of simply documenting content and its history and possible future, which in itself is rather superficial, I’d encourage you to instead speculate about the future of the platforms themselves and how they will change and shape our society in the future. This could include sites such as YouTube or Facebook or even possible new ones that don’t yet exist. This could help to add further scope to your DA and keep your analysis fresh and interesting.

    By all means, upload video essays to YouTube, but in order to address the future, don’t be afraid to make predictions and infer from what is known in the present day to conceptualise the reality of the coming months, years and decades.

    After doing some research of my own into this topic to provide you with better feedback, I came across two sites that I felt may be particularly useful for you moving forward. You can find them here:


    I wish you every success with your DA and look forward to seeing it progress over the upcoming weeks.

    All the best,

    Josh 🙂

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  2. Hi Jessica.

    I like how you are engaging with the medium you are setting out to explore. It is interesting because you are becoming the creator(s) you are discussing, that being said, is it possible to look at yourself over time? Hypothetically what trends could you set? How are you contributing to the space of online media?

    I agree that information is one of the best ways to teach people about the future. Your idea has a good foundation and you seem to have a grasp on your interests. Here is some information on understanding mainstream media: https://chomsky.info/199710__/

    For your videos, I would suggest making them as engaging as possible. Well spoken and punchy edits work well here. Picking the right music (and the right place to put it) is key. If it is just a video of you talking/lecturing, not many are going to be willing to sit through it. https://www.youtube.com/user/petermckinnon24 Have a look at this guy’s channel, look at the way he speaks, cuts his video, the way he engages his audience.

    It’s a practical project that is very achievable, I look forward to seeing what you will come up with, I think there is an audience for what you want to deliver.

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