6 thoughts on “BCM325: Digital Artefact Pitch.”

  1. Hi Emran, the future of film production is a really cool idea to focus on especially because everyone can see how much filmmaking has developed already. You can even focus on how pre-production, production and post-production may change in the future. Another thing to focus on besides technology and visual effects, is interactive movies (see “Bandersnatch” on Netflix), where the audience must make the protagonists choices using a controller. When i watched Bandersnatch it made me think, what if in the future they made interactive movies in movie theatres and not just netflix. Everyone in the theatre would be provided with a tablet to make a vote on what the protagonist might do next. Hope i was able to give a bit of inspiration. All the best!


  2. Hello Emran!
    This is a brilliant topic to talk about, especially because film-making is forever changing and advancing, it would be super interesting to see where it leads in the future. I appreciate your idea of a video essay, I know a lot of people would much rather listen and watch something than to read. As a digital artefact though, is this something you’re willing to continue after the subject is over? A digital artefact works really well when you can take it outside of the subject too. Uploading video essays on different topics could also be something to think about as an addition to your D.A.
    You could almost say it would be similar to a Ted Talks, but obviously with your own topics and opinions.
    This is great, and I would love to hear more about it! Keep us updated!

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  3. Hi Emran,

    Your digital artefact sounds really interesting so far. I would be fascinated to hear more about special effects in particular considering how life-like they are getting. Further, I think it would also be interesting to hear about set design and other design elements in filmmaking within your video essay. Perhaps you could talk about the contrast and between painted sets, on location filming, and digital ones and further how they influence the movie or can change it?

    On another note, I found this online article pretty interesting while doing some googling about the future of filmmaking if you want to take a brief look at some newer technologies: https://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/six-technologies-poised-to-change-the-future-of-film/

    Good job so far!


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