BCM325 Digital Artefact Pitch: Our Stories

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Nicole Gentle

For my BCM325 Digital Artefact, I plan to start a fictional blog (working title: Our Stories) which uses narrative to convey the deeper ecological and personal effects that society has on both the world and on each other. Through this blog, I will be combining both of my majors to produce a product which hopefully speaks to the readers imagination and critical-thinking abilities. Hopefully, by portraying our effect on our environment through a creative medium, this blog will create a further discussion and awareness about our involvement with, and ability to influence, our futures. See the video below for further details on my Digital Artefact:

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6 thoughts on “BCM325 Digital Artefact Pitch: Our Stories”

  1. Hi Nicole, I like the direction of your pitch. In regards to ecology and effects of society on the world, perhaps something political could be implemented. For instance, governments are one of the major reasons for any major socio-economic/ecological decisions to be made or not. For example the push for clean energy constantly being pushed away because of those in power fearing change.

    (Here’s a link)



  2. Hi Nicole, I like your idea of conveying where ecology and society is leading the world. Taking a political approach is one example. You can even make little illustrations that convey your idea of what the world will look like due to ecological and social impacts. Have a look at “Between Bears Ears and Daneros Mine, 2018” by Mary Mattingly. Her work might give you further inspiration for your DA


  3. Hey Nicole,
    I think this is a really interesting idea that has a lot of potential to create a dialogue for just how much of an affect people have on the world around them. Specifically looking at the ecological side of things, I think looking into climate change or the effects of waste on the world could be really interesting – specifically, examples of the environment in dystopian predictions of the future is always an interesting read. Margaret Atwood has written a number of pieces on how the demands of environmental issues will change society. Check out this article that links the common themes shown in literature that predict how much damage the human race is causing to the world:



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