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For this Digital Artefact, I have chosen to do research into targeted advertisements and how we often come across ads about things that we speak about. From my own experiences, I can certainly say that surveillance advertising and targeted ads are very real, and concerning for our privacy. First it was just a matter of prime-time audiences, then tracking web-browsing habits. Now companies like Alphonso, are using access to our devices’ microphones in order to collect data of what we do and what we talk about in our everyday lives. I found it very interesting how Alphonso is a software that is installed in games that children play, and this software accesses the microphone to provide targeted advertisements.  This digital artefact is an animation about what this kind of advertising may bring in the future.

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5 thoughts on “DA Pitch”

  1. Hi Rumeysa, just providing some feedback on your pitch. It’s pretty clear and concise but I particularly like the part of how Alphonso is included in games for children. This could be an area of exploration as to how children may be affected by advertising, and how this ‘Programming’ of our youth can lead to future generations of people having no concept of privacy whatsoever because it is all but gone. I have found some links, which I hope you find useful.

    (Here’s a link in regards to children and advertising)


    (Here’s a link for the dissolution of privacy)


    – Emran


  2. Hey Rumeysa. I have to say that I love this idea. The field of research is so interesting and honestly can scare you off of technology for good, so I think the approach you are taking (one of teaching rather than scaring) is a great step in the way of education. I also think that rather than just detialing your findings in a report, an animation is a great way of showing exactly what IS happening, rather than just telling people and expecting them to retain the information.

    You’ve probably seen or heard of the netflix series Black Mirror, but in case you haven’t you should definitely check out the first episode of season 1 – the way they use advertising has camera’s that physically insert your image into the advert – creepily persuasive.

    Really interested to see the final product!


  3. Hi Rumeysa,

    Targeted advertisement is a very important topic to talk about, particularly in this day and age where there is increasing reliance and integration of technologies such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Siri, etc. within our homes. I think it would be particularly interesting for you to talk about the idea that perhaps these devices are listening or could be listening to everything we say in order to better cater towards our heavily consumerist society.

    I found the following articles very interesting and thought they may relate to your topic well:


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