DA Pitch: The future anchors

In this short video, I mainly focus on the relationship between journalism and the media. Replacing newspapers from radios and replacing radios with televisions, the online society now allows more people to choose to watch news reports via mobile phones or iPads. Recently, China’s newly developed AI synthetic news anchor can be said to go further into the future. At the same time, I also think that in the future, everyone might have a private virtual anchor. At the same time, I also believe that in the future, there will be a more advanced and more convenient medium or thing to help people watch the news. For example: a private virtual anchor.




5 thoughts on “DA Pitch: The future anchors”

  1. Hi Felicia,

    I really like this choice of topic! Sorry if I missed it, but how are you going to be presenting your DA (e.g. blog)?

    I would suggest looking into as many research projects in this area as possible. How we consume content is always changing. I would say in a lot of cases we are consuming news in more than 2 or 3 ways. I have just read about Matilda’s DA (https://matildajes.wordpress.com/2019/03/22/the-future-of-print-media-bcm325-pitch/), which could be pretty useful for you. You could possibly both share insights with each other as things would over lap between the topics. Matilda is looking at the future of print media.

    It might also be interesting to see the changes in the news we are receiving. For example is it more long form or short form, is it more positive or negative and are customers reading/watching everything about each news piece or just skimming. Consumer habits is a very interesting topic. Here is a website to get you started if you are interested > https://themeisle.com/blog/long-form-vs-short-form-content/?amp

    Good luck!



  2. The AI broadcast technology you mentioned makes me very interesting. I have not heard about it before. The development of the AI anchorman can really help the TV station to report 24 hours without interruption, and I think that in some dangerous areas, the registration of the AI anchorman can help protect the personal safety of some reporters or staff. AI may not have problems like slips, but I still have a question. If you are at a world-class conference, or some important news report, would you choose to use an AI anchorman or a human anchorman? This question makes me wonder how to choose. In addition, I think that if the personal AI anchorman is based on the technology that has been developed now, Siri can be used as a good example to conduct research. Your feedback system is very good and can get a lot of opinions, which will help you to do better research! This link is also a speculation about the AI anchorman, hopefully can help you with your next research.


  3. This is a neat idea, exploring the next step in media outlets. As you pointed out in your summary about the next step in media replacing its predecessor, I would argue that’s not entirely true. Newspapers, radio and televisions are still available for new sources today, although they have been altered because of the existing options. This could be something worth looking into. Seeing how these different media outlets changed over the intro of new technologies and the introduction of other outlets.
    These graphs show the newspaper’s populatity over time (Spolier alert: It’s dying)

    In the case of existing AI Anchors, it might be worth exploring the companies that made them. Like how Donald Trump or Clive Palmer are using politics to push their agendas, these private companies could also use these anchors to promotes their own agenda (In other words, is it possible for virtual anchors to be more trusted than the other media outlets?).


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