Future Cultures Digital Artifact: Thriving Twenties

Thriving Twenties is a blog designed for women in their early to mid twenties. The content will cover everything from fashion and beauty trends to issues that the audience might be facing at this time in their lives.

The blog was created in a previous BCM subject last year but I have decided to keep evolving it to see how I can use futuristic technologies to evolve it. I will be looking closely into AI googles and how I can immerse them as well as other technologies into my blog. Will the traditional blog change much in the future? Can we expect all bloggers to use the technology? And most importantly, will the audience come to expect the use of these technologies in the future.

Here is the link to my Thriving Twenties blog and below it you will find my pitch:


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5 thoughts on “Future Cultures Digital Artifact: Thriving Twenties”

  1. Hey Tahlia,

    This is quite a cute pitch loving the cute colours of your blog too! You speak quite clearly about you topic so its easy to follow along as a viewer. I’m a little unsure about how you intend to deliver content though, will they be listicles like your other posts or will they be a little more in depth? Will you cover the BCM325 future cultures challenge in each post? However, since you are a writer yourself and have an interest in A.I. perhaps you could look in to how A.I. might be affecting your field? There’s an A.I. writer website so maybe you could play around and experiment with that. I’m excited to see where this project takes you!

    Here are some links about A.I. as content creators that could be interesting




    1. Hi Taani,

      Thanks for sending through those useful resources and lovely feedback! Since creating this pitch I am have been doing some more research. The topics that are currently on my blog will be the same kind of theme of my blogs moving forward. The aim is to bring the future into my blog by the way it is presented. This week I will be aiming to structure a plan for how that’s going to look.




  2. Hey Tahlia,
    I found the concept for your pitch really interesting and unique. I am a copywriter for my job as well so I have an especially keen interest in your idea to explore the way that emerging technologies may affect this field.

    The idea for a blog that explores issues that interest you seems like a great way to address the future in various aspects. Just by having a quick look at the blog as it currently is, the format is really appealing and looks like something I would definitely be interested to read! I am interested to see how you may address AI in this blog format. Just through some quick research I found lots of resources about how AI is already affecting blogs, I will include a link below. I’m not sure if this is exactly the path you intend to go down but I found it interesting anyway and maybe something you could further look into.


    Looking forward to seeing how your project progresses!


  3. Hi Tahlia,

    I love how you’ve incorporated your job and interests into your DA pitch, it’s great!
    I was a little confused though unfortunately… will you be writing blog posts about AI goggles, or will you be finding ways to incorporate this technology into your digital artefact?
    I like how you mentioned that you wanted to grow in other areas in order to succeed in your current job, and how you’ve mentioned that AI could potentially affect blogs, etc.
    Perhaps you could look into how AI could improve blogging, or how it could have negative impacts on blogging – like a pros and cons.
    I found this article which talks about how AI could make blogging easier:

    I look forward to seeing your DA!

    – T


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