BCM325-Digital Artefact Pitch


This is my BCM325 Digital artifact pitch. This pitch is used primarily to predict and think about and evaluate future virtual pets and robot pets. For this digital artifact, I will use a blog to explain it in time. It will include the development of virtual technology over the years, the emergence of virtual pets, and the rise of electronic pet games. Of course, I will also predict the development of this series of products in the next 20 years, and their future possibilities. Will this product evolve into “real” rather than virtual in the future?




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2 thoughts on “BCM325-Digital Artefact Pitch”

  1. The idea for your DA is very interesting, and a concept that I would have never thought of. The references that you have included are fantastic for helping to visualise your pitch. It’s pretty incredible to think about how now, like you mentioned, robotic animals are obviously robotic and we can tell because of their movements etc, but what happens in the future when the become more life like? Another thing you could explore in one of your blog posts is, what are implications for real animals? Is there going to be more animals in shelters because of this? If technology can get to a place where robotics imitate life to an extremely realistic degree, then the need for actual pets might decline. Robotic animals would be a lot cheaper- no vet bills, no food/ water, no need to get a pet sitter if you go out of town, and of course they would never die. Would you need to have some sort of system in place for this? I.e. robotic pets not available to the general public and only available for those with certain conditions or disabilities that aren’t capable of caring for another living thing? This in an extreme thought of course, but none the less it could become a reality in the future. I’ll add a link to a video I found on youtube that expands on some of the ideas I mentioned. Anyways, good pitch and a very interesting concept, I look forward to seeing your results!

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