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Digital Artefact pitch presentation can be accessed HERE The area of study I chosen to explore will encompass the use of robots in the past, present and soon to be, future. Through the working progress of my digital artefact in the upcoming weeks, I hope to explore the depth of future cultures in relation to […]

via BCM325 digital artefact pitch — Emma’s Blog

2 thoughts on “BCM325 digital artefact pitch — Emma’s Blog”

  1. Hi Emma! This is a pretty interesting topic to talk about, and I like how you’re creating a timeline on the evolution of robots. One of the things that interested me is how you’re also involving the inventions of robots during the war. I think it would be really good to see the updates as YouTube videos, that way it’s easy access for both you and your audience. Will you also tweet your updates? It may increase your audience, especially if you use hashtags and what not.
    Also out of curiosity, is this something you’d like to continue beyond BCM325? Would you continue posting updates once the subject it over? Overall, good idea, keep us updated!

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