BCM325 Digital Artefact

Kiki Paige

My Digital Artefact is a continued D.A. from last year – a YouTube Channel. My YouTube Channel is self titled, Kiana Paige, and I upload content that I simply enjoy creating. Sometimes I have complications of finding the time to film, and the motivation to edit the video. Receiving feedback is obvious due to the amount of likes, dislikes, comments, subscribers and views I gain, which usually determines whether my content is liked or disliked by others and by how much. Since YouTube has advanced so much as a social media platform, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it evolve into a professional educational platform someday in the future, more than it already is. 

~ Kiana Paige ~

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4 thoughts on “BCM325 Digital Artefact”

  1. Hi Kiana, just providing my feedback for your pitch. What I get from your pitch is, what is it that makes a YouTube page successful, and what are the challenges and or struggles of being a content creator. Perhaps this is something that could be attributed to cultural trends or youtube itself. Perhaps this something to explore?

    (Here’s a link for some inspiration)


    Also in regards to youtube as an educational platform in the future, this could be another area of exploration as to how content creators might compete with the changes, and what content is valued more.

    (Here’s another link)


    Hope this helped you out – Emran


  2. Hi Kiana,
    Interesting idea for a DA. Just querying, is your project going to address the future within the next 5-50 years where you can discover what makes a YouTube channel successful? Or will you be discussing through YouTube videos the struggle of editing and what you can do to fix it? I really like your idea as I think you can talk about other aspects of creating a channel and how your channel can grow. To discover some answers, I think you could look at famous YouTuber’s channels such as media influences (Tammy Hembrow, Shanni Grimmond for example) and see what their channels look like and what they have done to contain a large following. Something else you could talk about which can relate to the future is, do you think YouTube will change, such as another similar platform taking over etc etc.
    Good work overall!


  3. Hi Kiana,
    You mentioned that you were having trouble finding fun in editing, perhaps it’s the editing software that you are using? I’m unsure which one you are currently using but my favourites to recommend are of course Adobe Premiere, very fluid but also very expensive, and also Wondershare Filmora https://filmora.wondershare.com/video-editor/ which is expensive but you can buy a lifetime subscription that makes it entirely worth it! It has basically all the same features of Adobe (Including the short cuts) and has saved me so many times!

    You also mentioned that the future of Youtube in schools would be educational live streams, which is quite possible since it is already happening on the platform that is entirely streaming, Twitch, here’s an interesting article I found about that! https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2018/12/how-to-find-great-twitch-streams-for-learning-new-skills-and-improving-your-life/

    Interested in seeing the progress of your DA!
    – Louise


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