The technology is changing everything, but Whatever the future looks like, one thing is certain: We’ll still need to eat something.

My DA is focusing on future food; particularly, protein food.

The first blog post will be uploaded on Week 6, and that is about what we are going to have for dinner in 2 years?

Will we have plant-based meat for McDonald Cheeseburger?

Will the real meat costs more than the plant one?

Go find out in my first blog!

I will post few polls on Twitter, please come and join us!

Twitter: @LiLeah9 https://twitter.com/LiLeah9

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4 thoughts on “BCM325 Pitch FUTURE FOOD”

  1. Looking at the future of food has utility for everyone – good thinking Qinrui! The aspect that most stood out to me was the focus on the future of meat, or meat substitutes, as this issue is front and centre when it comes to climate change and climate conservation. To considering what meats (if any) we will be eating in the future, it might be beneficial to look at filmmakers’ interpretation of the topic. Science fiction films like Blade Runner 2049, Star Trek and Star Wars all include projections of future food, and could be valuable to consider. Alongside meat substitutes, there is research suggesting insect eating (entomophagy) will replace meat, as they are high in protein. Here’s an interesting article on the BBC’s take on the future of food; they touch upon insect-eating and lab-grown meat too:


    Also, while the cooking and tasting video aspect of the DA would be engaging and fun, I question its necessity in making predictions for the future – maybe it could just be an add-on link to develop cross-platform engagement and attract stakeholders – I know the vegan and vegetarian community would take an interest in this. I hope your blog posts go well!


  2. It’s very interesting to see all the ideas and developments in food today and for the future. Focusing on the future of protein will be able to attract a large audience, as it will interest everyone including vegans etc.
    The taste testing on the vegetarian meat and other alternatives will be an interesting touch but don’t get too lost in the taste test and cooking videos. The research and blog posts will be the key aspect of your DA which will allow you to explore the future of this topic. The use of twitter will be good to see how people react to your research. An audience’s view on the new developments would be beneficial to help estimate future consumer perceptions of these foods.

    I found this article about vitro meat if you were interested in researching this development.
    Hope this helps! Good luck I’m interested to read what you find 🙂


  3. Hey Leah! I like this approach to the future of food. With the recent rise of popularity and disparity of vegans bringing awareness of their movement It is imperative we think about the future of our food, sustainable ways we can eat and cook. Focusing your content to be on YouTube and Instagram is a perfect idea – you’re really hitting your audience that way. May I suggest you may use Pinterest as an experiment? Possibly, you could upload the photo of the food you’ve made and link your recipe with it. Your name is attached so this could increase your SEO and popularity on social media.
    I am going to bring your attention to Hidden Harvest, https://www.facebook.com/HiddenHarvestAustralia/ a local community of food lovers that aim to up-cycle wasted food to promote environmental and social issues because of the amount of food wasted – turning it into real dishes at their events. I think you would greatly benefit from their events!


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