BCM325 Pitch – UOW Digital Media Society

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As our economy increasingly moves towards automation & casualization, and increases rates of technology uptake, the role of professional societies needs to change. As such, my Digital Artefact will track the evolution and future strategic planning for the Digital Media Society at UOW.

The advent of social media & technologies requires professional associations and student clubs at universities to reinvent themselves; no longer is it valuable to only release a quarterly magazine or run infrequent networking events. Associations need to constantly engage their audiences, both through online and in-person channels. Technological development is leading to a reality where casualization is rife, workers cannot keep up with rapid changes and are made obsolete, and affects both blue-collar and white-collar jobs alike (Novak & Dizdarevic, 2018). This overall challenging of the social contract, through so-called “crowd-based capitalism” will radically restructure the pillar institutions of market capitalism (Sundararajan, 2017).


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One thought on “BCM325 Pitch – UOW Digital Media Society”

  1. Hi Callum,
    It looks like you have a lot of thought and history in regard to the Digital Media Society, probably makes you a great president. With Your Digital Artefact though, I’m a bit confused as to what your goals are. The pitch is very ambiguous and mentions three possible elements, the strategic plan, the google form to connect students to clients/work opportunities and the implementation of workshops to prepare for technologies coming within the next 5 years.
    There is a lot of social media mentioned within your pitch but I’m not seeing any that allows for feedback from less assessable sources and I’m worried that this will lead to things being missed. I am also concerned as to whether this reflects any possible futures or showcases any actual effect on it.
    I believe that maybe creating another blog that you use as a journal for some of the actions you are taking may be a better way to reach more audiences, especially if you put the links on sites like Reddit. This can a way for you to gain oversight and even suggestions you might not think of.
    Your Pitch looks great though and I’m excited to see what you’ll end up doing.
    Ps Here’s a link that explores future technologies, you may be able to use it to discuss workshops, future careers or the growing need for media and technology.


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