BCM325 Project Pitch

My digital artefact for BCM325 is focused on exploring the possibility for getting poetry and other forms of creative writing noticed through social media. My Instagram account @isaacpercypoetry is where I have been posting my poetry for the past year to 288 as of the post date.


I want to expand the following I have and showcase my writing by connecting to a wider audience. I believe by posting daily and posting on more platforms beyond Instagram (eg. YouTube, WordPress) to create an online collection that is fast, easy, inexpensive and tiny, while it pushes what we already know about publishing and writing.

6 thoughts on “BCM325 Project Pitch”

  1. I think this idea of embracing a lost form of literature can recruit a large following on social media in our current environment. Poetry itself is not as explored or practiced today so it’s quite refreshing as audiences revisit these creative and inspiring pieces. I’ve just had a look at your instagram and I love the look and feel of your feed! In terms of creating an online persona may I suggest a breakdown of a couple of your most treasured pieces and to document that either on Instagrams’ story highlights or stories themselves? I also recommend you expand your writings onto Reddit as it has a larger following for those invested in all things literature than you think! I think even having topics related to “what they future may hold” can be a great starting point in alluding to references of technological advancement as well as the future for poetry for example. Dig deep with the creativity with this project and keep writing! Looking forward to what you come up with!


  2. Something that is important to consider in this subject is reflecting on what direction that you want your digital artefact to go in. In my understanding of the subject, Future Cultures, the idea is to encourage students to think about how their DA considers the future in some way, whether it be the individuals future or societal future. Where do you want your poetry instagram to take you?

    I think that there are many ways that you could expand your practice. You mentioned posting about your writing process on other platforms like YouTube or WordPress, I believe that both of these ideas could be beneficial in expanding your practice and your self brand. However if your goal is to expand your instagram following as you have also mentioned, it may be beneficial for you to consider renewing your theme. This article by iMpact discusses statistics involving the use of visuals in relation to online marketing https://www.impactbnd.com/blog/14-visual-content-marketing-statistics-to-know-for-2019-infographic. This article uses iMpacts data to discuss the importance of visual content on instagram https://oursocialtimes.com/16-statistics-to-show-why-marketers-need-instagram/. I understand why you had chosen to maintain a simple theme for your instagram as I have seen many other poetry accounts who utilise the same technique. On your website isaacpercy.com you have used digital drawings for your blog headers, as they are all the same style I assume that they were draw by you. I think that if you were to accompany your poems with a drawing when posting on instagram, that this would allow your account to stand out from the crowd poetry accounts that use the same theme. There are poetry accounts which have boomed after introducing visuals, Rupi Kaur is one example, this article discusses many others https://mashable.com/article/instagram-poetry-democratise-genre/#GHUrv8tdwsq5. Your drawings are uniquely drawn by you. A drawing will add a personal flare to your profile, instagram is a social media that encourages its users to engage personally in their content. This technique will also allow for the introduction of a new audience who engage with visual content, whilst maintaining your previous audience who engage in your poems.

    I believe that your DA has a lot of potential. Once you understand where it is that you want this instagram to take you I believe that expansion of your creative practice will come naturally.


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  4. Hi Issac,

    Great DA you got over there! Your concept is really intriguing to me as I have never read any non-Asian poetry, which opened up my mind a lot when I read your own pieces of writing. To my personal experience, I don’t often see such poetry Instagram accounts like yours. They are actually more about inspirational or romantic quotes rather than poems. And a big applause to you for your writing skills! Your passion and talent are truly admirable.

    That aside, one thing you may consider in this subject is to tie your digital artefact project more clearly to the core challenge of addressing the near, middle, and long-term future. As Ruby mentioned, the idea of BCM325 is to encourage us to reflect on the implications of our DA for the future. In your case, what do you think the future holds for poetry? What changes would it be in terms of its format and readers perception, especially in this fast-paced world where information is digitalised and conveyed on the Internet? This article by Stephen Moss discusses the future of poetry: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2010/jun/18/the-future-of-poetry, or this article by Patricia suggests the possible outcomes of the future of poetry: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/poetry-future_b_5071308, which I think would help with your idea.

    Jonathan’s recommendation about linking to the technological advance, such as the perception of Artificial Intelligence or Robots about poetry, would be a great example to start with. This article by Jessica discusses how robots nowadays can pen sonnets would be relevant to your DA: https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/robots-ai-write-poetry-verse-creativity

    Or it doesn’t necessarily have to be about technology as the aim is to do more than simply point to cutting-edge technologies. It can also be about how the current cultural factors or current trends in literature impact on the future of poetry?

    In terms of expanding your practice on other platforms, it would be a great implementation in your project. I think you can continue on creating writing pieces on your Instagram while discussing what the future holds for your poetry Instagram account on WordPress or Youtube like you mentioned. Regarding your Instagram page, the idea of posting scripts of your idea for a new poem on your story would be a great way to attract more followers and readers to your page. Besides, it’s never a bad idea to learn from the best poetry instagrams. Some well-known Instagram poets that I know are @rupikaur, @r.h.sin, or Christopher Poindexter who is widely known for his love sonnets. I think you may get some inspiration from their writing style and theme.

    I really like your DA as it sparkles great creativity. I believe that by directing your project towards its implication in the future, it will be a big success. Looking forward to reading more of your writing pieces!

    – Ray


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