Digital Artefact Pitch

em koletti

My digital artefact will consist of 3 podcasts of me exploring different episodes of Black Mirror and discussing the techno-paranoia throughout. Depending on the episodes chosen, I will address the advanced technology used and how this has created a disturbing future with a particularly familiar past.

Each episode is constantly unpredictable and the digital technology is daunting to it’s audience, this will allow me to discuss questions like: Has Black Mirror predicted the future? Will the technology from the show actually exist? What have humans already started to create that is revealed in this show? Society is now shaped around technology and it is something that will continue to grow; I intend to inform my audience about this.

Hill, D 2017, ‘Black Mirror’, IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, vol. 36, no.2, pp. 35-87

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One thought on “Digital Artefact Pitch”

  1. Hi Em,
    The idea of a podcast sounds like a great idea, especially when it is set as a cautionary tale. Black Mirror works wonders with this, but I think reviewing just three and not developing a possible timeline against it is not using the full scope of this project.
    Looking into how Charlie Brooker came up with those ideas and his influences would be a great way to track that. Here’s a link that can help with that:
    Also, a great spin would be to pit episodes against each other like introducing the future technologies of episode 1 season 4 (USS Callister) and episode 4 season 2 (White Christmas). The idea of moving human consciousness into an artificial intelligence. One for luxury of housing and as a prison while the other shows the ability to live in fictional worlds as a video game.
    By introducing these concepts, you can explain the danger of these new innovations established, the different uses of them and also pursue how these ideas came to Charlie Brooker.
    The only other query I have is when your Digital Artefact will have an effect, you mentioned 5, 10 and 20 years but you didn’t explain how it will. It also didn’t include research that spoke of Black Mirrors effect as a television show or how the technology is appearing in real life. Here’s a link to an implanted technology that you could find use as an example of luxury tech that augments humans:
    Overall, it sounds like a cool idea and I’m eager to hear your podcasts


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