Future Cultures DA Pitch


The idea for my BCM325 Digital Artefact is to delve into the idea of ‘the future of drones’, discussing evolving drone technology, as well as how the future drone technology will affect society in the long term.

The way in which I intend to communicate this is through YouTube, posting podcasts and videos to my channel that has 107 subscribers.

Due to drone technology only being introduced for public consumption recently, the long-term future poses many questions of how the future will function with this ever-increasing technology.

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One thought on “Future Cultures DA Pitch”

  1. With your Digital Artefact, I think that focusing on a new technology is a really good idea, having this coupled with an already established fan base is even better. That being said I’m worried that drones might be a hard subject to discuss especially with regards to the long-term future since there is already a massive push to ban them.
    Maybe you should include a few episodes debating whether they actually have a future or even look into how the world is changing to accommodate these devices.
    I think that having the podcast and YouTube channel (that you’ll share through a dedicated sub-reddit) will be a great way to draw the focus for each episode, so that discussion episodes are podcasts that don’t lead to distractive images and the videos showcase advancements and designs.
    All in all, it looks like a good idea maybe some shifting and refinement of idea could help to make your project really stand out and relate to future cultures.
    I have also added two links that you may find useful:
    – The first is a guide to Australia’s laws regarding drones
    – The Second is the list of Ted Talks that reflect on the topic of drones


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