MEDIA & THE MUSIC INDUSTRY | Digital Artefact Pitch | BCM325

check oooooout mi pitch 😀

puby rhilpott

Media & The Music Industry will be a 3-part podcast series that addresses the past, present and future of this industry in relation to new media. Each episode will focus on either the social, moral or political ramifications that have/will impact on the industry for both the musician and the consumer.

This is a new artefact that I am starting for Future Cultures. I wanted to dive into a topic that I am interested in and music is an industry that I aim to become a part of. This project will help me develop knowledge in this field, as well as act as a digital resume for potential employers.

Kind regards,
Puby Rhilpott


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One thought on “MEDIA & THE MUSIC INDUSTRY | Digital Artefact Pitch | BCM325”

  1. I’m really excited about this one! Music, podcasts – this is my thing! The best thing about a series for a podcast is that it can evolve over time. I think media is the key element here and obviously, music is a passion of your own.

    It would be great to see you look into different parts of the industry and maybe even have guests from the industry. You could talk to struggling or even well received artists! Talk to me, I have some contacts 🙂

    Another idea is to take cases or artists in the industry and analyse their experiences and context of their releases? I love the Dissect podcast ( where they go through albums and their context and their content. Maybe you discuss artists and their experiences in the industry? That would be great!

    There is so many directions you could go with this awesome idea. Excited for the three parts you have planned! Make sure it’s on every platform (Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud) – maximum reach!

    Excited to see the results!


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