The Cosplay Society Documentary DA Pitch

For my digital artefact, I plan to make a mini-documentary about my club the cosplay society. We have a couple of big events coming up over the next couple of months where I think I will be able to get a good showcase of my club for us to show at O-week, club’s days and just for people interested in what we do in the club.

With this documentary, I also want to break some stereotypes people might have about cosplay. I want to form stronger connections with some of the clubs we already work with as well as making some new ones. Hear more about it up top!


4 thoughts on “The Cosplay Society Documentary DA Pitch”

  1. This such a brilliant way of getting people together to share a such a fun passion! Really cool that you take it outside of the uni too! I don’t know much about cosplay but I definitely understand that people stereotype it way too often, and it’s refreshing to know that there are people that want to break it and give out an actual understanding of what cosplay really is.
    Perhaps you could incorporate other ideas of how cosplay will be conveyed in the future, rather than just the breaking of stereotypes, but how else could influence or impact the future?


  2. Hi Louise, this is a really good idea to incorporate something that you enjoy and are passionate about into your assessment. This club is obviously something you care about especially for the future of the group. Making a documentary is a good idea, so that you can allow others to see what the club is about therefore encouraging people to get involved.
    To address the aspect of the future, you could use your documentary for marketing on online platforms to gather more interest from other people to therefore continue this group into the future and even making it a bigger and more known community.
    A facebook group and Instagram page is a good way to start progress of gaining following of future students that may want to join the club but also expand.
    Looking at the Illawarra there is already a great event of the cosplay dress up competition that allows people in the community that enjoy cosplay to come together. You could use this to expand not only your club but maybe even create a larger local community.
    For the future of your club there could be possibilities of getting a local space that allows people interested in cosplay to come and hang out and do all things cosplay but also to hold more events. Therefore continuing to allow more people to get involved and educated. Breaking down the walls of what people think and know about it and really showing the the heart of the community.
    You could start a future movement for cosplay and make it more available for local people and then even nationally.
    Great idea, think about what you would for the future of cosplay and how you would get there by taking full advantage of the technology and the easy connections we can make with it.


  3. Hey Louise,
    I never knew about the Cosplay Society, but not going to lie, I’ve always wanted to cosplay because it seems quite fun and very crafty! For your DA, I was wondering whether you could maybe try to address the shyness people have about cosplaying i.e. people don’t want to draw attention to themselves and if they do, they’ll become quite anxious. Also maybe even focus on the costs to actually cosplay and show some tips on how to save money when creating costumes e.g. thrift fabrics, don’t buy them brand new.
    I’m not 100% sure on what sort of clubs there are at the university but I think it’ll be a good idea to maybe partner up with a sewing, makeup, craft or drama clubs as these clubs I feel would offer various skills for cosplayers. Having a quick look at, it doesn’t seem like there aren’t any sewing or makeup clubs, so if these clubs aren’t a thing, then maybe you should look into making them as this could be a way to ease people in into the cosplay society.
    If these people aren’t interested in cosplay, at least you’ll be able to teach people some life lessons for the future – so this could be a future aspect you could focus on.
    I can’t wait to see how this project turns out as I feel like you’ll be able to use a lot of skills that will benefit yourself and other students. Good luck!
    – Katrina


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