The future of print media | BCM325 Pitch


For the Digital Artefact of BCM325, I want to explore the future of the print media industry, looking at magazines in particular.

I hope to one day work in the editorial and print media world, and am interested to understand where the future of this industry is headed in an increasingly digitised landscape.

My plan is to explore at how the evolving print media industry will change in the next 5, 10 or 20 years time, whether it will still exist or if we will be relying on a solely digital media landscape, and what this will look like.

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2 thoughts on “The future of print media | BCM325 Pitch”

  1. Hi Matilda,

    I love this idea for a topic you were able to execute a clear outline of how you plan to investigate the ‘shelf-life’ of print media as we know it. You also outlined your response to the Future Cultures Challenge quite well, outlining potential avenues the future of print media could lead over the next 50 years. You speck very clearly and concisely about your topic however I would’ve perhaps liked to hear a little more passion come through especially since it is and issue you are so passionate about! Something you might want to look into is the resurgence of Zine culture which is somewhat of an artistic uprising of feminist expression in utilising the creator’s right to be heard. Overall, this is an intriguing idea and i feel your blog posts will be an interesting read. Looking forward to it!

    Here are some links about zine culture if you’re interested!

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  2. It’s definitely common knowledge now that print media in general is a dying format. But I never really considered where it would be in 20 years or so. Maybe it might end up like records, where owning a record player and LP’s now is a kind of hobby/nostalgia. So maybe owning magazines and newspapers might be an aesthetic for later cultures. Definitely an interesting topic! What I immediately thought of was “The Office” when I heard you talking about print media. If i was to suggest anything to use as a case study or even some sort of backup research, The Office is a great TV show that has a very comedic look into the paper industry in the last decade, especially the later seasons. Another idea that would be kind of aesthetic would be to design these predicting blog posts in the style of a news article from that time. This will give you some extra creativity to work with and some sort of world building on your idea.
    Can’t wait to read up on your blog posts!

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