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For my digital artefact I would like to talk about the past, present and future of AI. There is so much that artificial intelligence is being used for and so much more potential that it is hard to picture our future without it — especially when it comes to business. Artificial intelligence will be and is becoming a commonplace in every aspect of life so I would like to talk about topics such as future of self-driving cars, more accurate weather predictions, or earlier health diagnosis’, just to name a few. I will do this with a podcast, supporting it with images, videos and blogging to convey my progress and findings. Background research will include academic articles along with news and media sources. For my methodology I will be mapping down the keys innovations and the impact these will have on our society.

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3 thoughts on “BCM325 PITCH”

  1. sounds like a very great area to conduct research into. the inclusion of AI and how its becoming more of a prominent feature in our futuristic society means there’s so much to delve into and so many areas to get your information from. I would highly suggest looking at how AI can be used to calculate algorithms on dating sites and apps and also the different meme pages on Facebook that use AI to post for them. Shitpostbot5000 and Burgerbot4545 to name a few. They both have a small culture surrounding the AI that posts for them and its really quite funny. Just the idea that a community can revolve around awaiting different posts from an algorithm and the different inside jokes that present themselves in these communities are quite entertaining to me and i’m sure you could incorporate that into your argument, mentioning something about how social media and robots are intrinsically linked. Furthermore, how social media and business also link up through these different AI algorithms and how that utilize that for marketing strategies. Keen to see how this DA evolves!

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  2. Hey! Sounds like a great DA idea, and you’ve got loads of information to draw from and lots of interesting ideas. Something to keep in mind if making a podcast which is accompanied by a blog/images/website etc is that you need to make sure they can each operate independently of themselves, as not everyone who listens to the podcast will also go and click on the website for example (just in my experience, I listen to a lot of podcasts that say “Go to our website and look at the map if this is confusing to you” for example, and I never go to the website. Just something to keep in mind). I think the topic is interesting enough to be an interesting podcast. In terms of how AI is affecting businesses and industries, you could touch on how it’s going to affect the journalism and media industry. Basically, there’s no way human journos can be as fast or efficient at AI technology that can tweet out news, for example – here are two links to have a look at to see if this is something you’d want to talk about (https://www.poynter.org/tech-tools/2017/will-robots-automate-our-journalism-jobs-in-many-ways-they-already-have/ and https://www.forbes.com/sites/adigaskell/2016/12/22/automation-and-the-future-of-work/#39ace33771fc)
    Good luck! Keen to see where this one goes.


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