BCM325 Project pitch

Hey guys! my name is Koranith Rusakul or you can call me Copter. My digital artifact is going to be on the YouTube platform as I’m doing a video about how cars have been changed during time. The background research on my project is base on my interested in cars. I have seen them changing in terms of technology and driving experience during the decade and it’s fascinating how technology has gone. From big engine supercars to electric. I hope the YouTube channel is being useful for other car guys like myself.

Here is my YouTube Channel

6 thoughts on “BCM325 Project pitch”

  1. Hi Koranith,
    I think your DA has a lot of potential, however I feel you need to narrow it down more as I was slightly confused as to what exactly you will be reviewing. I like the idea of reviewing cars, and I feel as if you are more leaning towards cars as you specified them within your contextual essay. It would be great to see you discussing the notion of driverless cars, as that is a huge debate going on now. I know personally, I am still unsure about how I feel, there are so many unknown things and the ethical issues attached as well. I think narrowing it down would also help address the questions of “How does your DA address the future in 5, 10 or 15 years- time” a lot more.

    I think for the background research, it would be good to see some journal articles and the ethical issues attached to developing cars or gadgets, depending on which you choose.
    https://www.vox.com/2019/3/27/18194715/self-driving-cars-uber-lyft- This is an article discussing how perhaps driverless cars are not something that should be in our society, as it may disrupt live more than we plan.
    https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/apr/04/self-driving-cars-could-provide-62bn-boost-to-uk-economy-by-2030-brexit- however this article looks at how it could potentially help boost economies. There are two sides to this debate and honestly I am very interested in it, so I think it would make for a fantastic review series, if you wanted to head down the ‘car’ aspects.

    I think your choice of platform within Youtube is the best medium, as you will be able to have a more informal discussion and attached videos within your own videos as well.

    I am excited to see how you develop your DA further!
    – Amanda


  2. Your idea of reviewing electronics as a user purchasing guide is interesting. I think comparing them to older models to look how technology has changed, and then researching how the same technology will evolve in 5, 10, 20 years will allow you to look at the question that we are studying in this subject. If you are looking at specifically reviewing cars it would be interesting to see you review not only consumer cars but how cars have been depicted in the media. For example the movies we watch in class that predict what our future civilizations will look like have different types of cars; ‘Bladerunner’ has flying cars. Keep thinking about how you will discuss the future, you’re off to a good start.


  3. Hi Koranith!

    I really like that you have made your digital artefact something that you are passionate about, that is always a good starting point as you know it is always going to have relevance to you.

    It would be interesting to see how you could further analyse how the ability to review things has had an effect on our consumerism? How previously, before social media existed, we bought things based on recommendations from friends, colleagues etc but now with the click of a button & a short video we are able to decide if something is the right fit for us. Where will this lead us in the future? These social trends and patterns are something you could potentially analyse this on your channel.

    I think moving forward in your work just be careful that you are always addressing future cultures and what this could potentially lead to in the future. Here is an article of something you could include in your background research called “The YouTube effect” https://foreignpolicy.com/2009/10/14/the-youtube-effect/ which I feel is definitely something that ties into the idea you are trying to present. With a few articles like the others have suggested and some more background research I feel as though you will be off to a great start and it will all come together.


  4. This sounds like a pretty cool idea, using gadgets and cars and analyzing designs for them today would definitely be something I’d be curious about.
    Maybe focus a little more forwards and show us what they think they might be in five or so years, I reckon it will help to give an idea of what the designs are trying to accomplish in the future and how they may affect society or change the way we do things.
    It would be definitely worth looking into electric cars and how they may change the industry or the way we do things in the future, or, as mentioned above the self-driving cars being made by Google and Apple.
    It would probably blow my mind a little if you find anything from the movies we have watched in class like working hover car designs, contact lenses that are your phone or brain implants that allow you to interact with a computer.
    I look forward to seeing what you have for us in your video and what you have found in your research.


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